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Fede Petro is a singer/songwriter, producer and session musician based in Los Angeles, California. His music, a folk-inspired journey into the roots of American and Argentine folklore, brings both the instrumentation and spirit of the two cultures and the inevitable collision between the two.

Over a period of 15 years he has performed at multiple renowned festivals and venues across Latin America and recently relocated to Los Angeles. He has worked with artists ranging from Gustavo Satanoalalla, Emily Kate Boyd to Estela Stier, Los Tabaleros, Mauro Meloni, Lucila Ruiu and Agustin Donati playing, singing, arranging and producing. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina influenced by The Beatles, Los Chalchaleros, The Byrds, The Band & more, he became adept at instruments like Ronroco, Guitar, Violin and more.

In 2010, he decided to make a living solely out of performing, which led him to buy a one way ticket to San Francisco, California in search of new experiences. He immersed himself in the art of street performing, busking on the streets & subways of San Francisco learning music and life-changing experiences from other buskers and people from the streets of this unique city. He was able to meet and become part of the folk music scene in San Francisco and worked alongside Scott McDowell from the legendary Studio C’s at Hyde Street Studios.
Having worked and released music with 20 different artists, Fede Petro is now working in new material to follow up he 2019 EP “The Last Word” produced by producer/engineer Nacho de la Riega who has worked with artists like Loli Molina, Julieta Venegas, and Gustavo Cerati.


Sesionista, miembro estable o compositor, productor, arreglador de los siguientes proyectos en grabaciones y shows en vivo

Producciones Musicales

Mauro Meloni

“No Time For Heavy Hearts” (EP)

The Monkeyness

Bears & Wolves (LP)

Open Folk

Volumen 1

Agustin Donati

La Sed (EP)

Leo Parra Castillo

Vol. 1 feat. Fer Vazquez (EP).

Xime Guerrico

Travel Light (EP).

Fede Petro & The Monkeyness

Fede Petro & The Monkeyness (EP)

Agustin Donati

Lo Irreversible (LP)

Estela Stier

Flowers & Crowns (EP)



Los Tabaleros


Open Folk

Las Estaciones

Titi Stier

Titi Stier by the Riverside

Juan Demarco

Antes de este Rio

Producciones de Eventos

Shows, Eventos especiales, Festivales

El Arbol de los Deseos

Para Coca Cola

Open Folk Festival

Festival en Palermo BsAs

La Fiesta del Futuro

Niceto, BsAs

Open Folk en el Univeral






The Monkeyness

La Banda

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